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Modern Day Escape Shows Put on Ice in the Northwest — But an Awesome Time Was Had by All

Unfortunately, due to the snow and bad weather, we had to cancel a few shows: Spokane and Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon.

We weren't happy about canceling, but the weather was so bad, we couldn't see where we were going because our windshield was freezing over!

We posted up in Sacramento, California, at our bassist Shep's house. We stayed there for three days then drove down to LA for the last show of the tour at The Key Club in Hollywood. I was so stoked to be back home in SoCal!

Unfortunately, I caught the cold going around in the band, lol; happens when you're in a van for three weeks with seven other people. I still gave it my best for Hollywood and rocked out.

The Something Wicked This Way Comes tour was an amazing experience, and we had a great time touring with Wednesday 13 and Aiden.

Mark Burn is the guitarist in Modern Day Escape, who are touring with Wednesday 13 & Aiden on the Something Wicked This Way Comes Tour. Modern Day Escape's new album, Under the Gun, will be released March 27 via Standby Records. Be sure to visit them on Facebook.