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CD Review: Ocean Alley - Lonely Diamond

(Image credit: supplied by label)

Lonely Diamond

Despite coming out in the dead of winter, Ocean Alley have brewed up the perfect summer soundtrack in LP3. Fuzzy, low-fi quips of ‘70s psychedelica gel with blindingly bright indie rock hooks, the whistling keys and punchy drums a radiant backdrop for Angus Goodwin’s sharp and soaring leadwork to shine. 

His ripping solo on “Way Down” is an early highlight, but rest assured there’s plenty of kaleidoscopic ebbing and flowing across this 45-minute mind-melter to keep fans old and new alike gripping their armrests. 

At times jammy and others jazzy – sometimes cool and sometimes chaotic – Lonely Diamond is not just the Sydney sextet’s most sonically diverse and interesting set of tunes to date, but also undoubtedly their best.