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Exclusive Premiere: The Rocket Summer — "Old Love"

Here's the exclusive debut of "Old Love" by Bryce Avary, also known as The Rocket Summer.

The track is from his upcoming album, Life Will Write the Words, which will be released June 5 via Aviate Records.

“I really wanted to push myself musically and lyrically with this album, searching to pull out the stories within and around me,” Avary says. “I like to write songs that are an honest reflection of what’s going on in my life and in my mind while I observe and attempt to learn more about myself and this beautiful, intense world we live in."

The album was recorded in August and September 2011 in a Dallas/Fort Worth studio. Avary added new instruments to the mix, including a mandolin, a banjo, some trashcans and a typewriter, resulting in an energetic, electrified album. As with previous albums, Avary wrote and performed every note on this album.

“Old Love” addresses death and what real love truly means. “It’s about how terribly uncool and unsexy it is now to be committed to someone through thick and thin,” Avary says. “You can’t turn on the radio anymore without everything being about a quick fix. I want my life to be epic; to love abundantly and boldly.”

For more about The Rocket Summer, check out their official website and Facebook page.