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Exclusive: Stream 'L0-F! Side B' EP by J*DaVeY Frontwoman Jack Davey

Today, is streaming Side B, the second half of the new L0-F! EP by J*DaVeY frontwoman Jack Davey. Side B was released today.

Although Davey has done a complete 180 from the established electro-soul sound of J*DaVeY, her sultry vocals and sensuality give the world of rock something unique to chew on.

While Davey was at the helm for all aspects of Side A, she put the production of Side B in the hands of her boyfriend, Joey Strat of The Knux, who gave the EP a more polished sound with advanced guitar techniques and a wider range of instrumentation. The first single from Side B, "Shit Gets Deep," was released last week. Check it out below.

A deluxe edition of L0-F!, including both EP's, three new songs and a digital booklet, will be released December 11.

Check out all of Side B below.

Keep up with Jack Davey at her official website.

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