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The Faceless, EMG Pickups and Guitar World Launch the "Accelerated Evolution" Guitar Contest

The Faceless, EMG Pickups and Guitar World are teaming up to present the Faceless "Accelerated Evolution" Guitar Contest.

As Faceless guitarist Michael Keene explains in the video below, the Faceless are looking to find the best cover of "Accelerated Evolution," a track off their latest album, Autotheism.

"I was watching a bunch of videos on YouTube of people covering the song," Keene says. "I noticed people were making some mistakes, and they were the same mistakes, which I thought was kind of weird. Then I realized it's because people were downloading a bad tab."

As a result, we are providing you with the correct tab of the song, plus a backing track given to us by the band (See below).

You can download the "Accelerated Evolution" tab AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THIS STORY. NOTE: Scroll down and look for "The Faceless - Accelerated Evolution.pdf" below the advertisement image pertaining to this contest.

Then you'll need to create a video that shows you playing the song using the new tab. Next, post the video to YouTube with the label "'Accelerated Evolution' Guitar Contest." The band will find your videos and judge them.

The prizes (first, second and third) are listed in the graphic and video below. The contest runs through September 30, so get busy!

Be sure to catch the Faceless on tour starting September 13 with Between the Buried and Me, the Contortionist and the Safety Fire. For more about the Faceless, check out their Facebook page.