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Hachiku - I'll Probably Be Asleep album review

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I'll Probably Be Asleep

There’s a gorgeous undercurrent of ethereality that ripples through Hachiku’s endearing and dynamic (if a tad on the short side) debut. But it’s crucial, here, not to mistake delicateness for simplicity: the soundscapes on display swell and soar with mountainous highs and harrowing lows – the focal point is always Anika Ostendorf’s honeyed and heartfelt vocal melodies, but peer beyond and you’ll see a forest of bustling musical foliage. 

Guitars simmer along with a warbly psych-rock warmth that beautifully accompanies the bright, glittery keys in the foreground; they’re understated, but play their role perfectly. The chemistry can feel a bit kitschy at times, but that’s part of the charm to Hachiku’s vibe: it’s supposed to be a little jagged around the edges, like a diamond necklace with a rusted chain.