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Joe Satriani Interprets "Pizza," "Kittens" and More as Guitar Solos — Video

Birthday boy Joe Satriani can pretty much play anything, right?

Satch recently visited the gang over at Rolling Stone to shoot some videos (probably the same week he visited GW!).

While he was there, he agreed to test his creativity by interpreting oblique concepts and words as impromptu guitar solos.

Watch the video below to see how the idea of a cosmic black hole inspired Jackson Pollock–like finger tapping and whammy-bar dives, and how "kittens" prompted a riff similar to Grease's "Summer Nights" and feedback squeals.

Satch also transposed Salvador Dalí's The Persistence of Memory and "pizza," which, for some reason, necessitated a "wah-wah pedal thing." After playing some legato licks to approximate "the meaning of life," he realized he'd surprised even himself.

"That was a weird one," he said. Enjoy!