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Learn Warm-Up Exercises, Alternate Picking and More with 'Lead Guitar Boot Camp' DVD

The Lead Guitar Boot Camp DVD is an intensive guide to building bigger, better and faster chops.

In this 90-minute DVD, which is available now at the Guitar World Online Store for $14.95, you'll learn essential techniques, such as daily warm-up exercises, alternate picking, wild and wide stretches and how to move through scales.

You'll also be taught soloing strategies for all styles, including classic rock, heavy metal, thrash, punk, emo and deathcore.

Here's a rundown of the DVD's contents:

Chapter 1

  • Daily Warm-Up Exercises: Symmetrical Patterns
  • A. Three Notes Per String: Index-Middle-Pinkie (1, 2, 4)
  • a. Legato (Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs)
  • b. Using the Metronome
  • c. One-, Two- & Three-String Exercises
  • d. Alternate Picking
  • e. Picking Techniques: Floating, Anchoring, Resting on the Bridge
  • B. Index-Ring-Pinkie (1, 3, 4)
  • a. Legato
  • b. Alternate Picking
  • c. Reverse Order
  • C. Four Notes Per String
  • D. Wide Stretches: Index-Middle-Pinkie (1, 2, 4)
  • E. Mordents

Chapter 2

Daily Warm-Up Exercises: Scale Patterns
A. A Natural Minor (A Aeolian Mode)
B. A Natural Minor: Three Notes Per String
C. Moving Through Scale Positions
D. Organizing Scale Studies Into Three-, Four-, Five- and Six-Note Groups
E. Moving Through Scale Positions of Natural Minor in Four-Note Groups
F. Examining the Fundamental Modes and Modal Positions in Three- and Four-Note Groups
a. Other Minor Modes
i. A Dorian
ii. A Phrygian
iii. A Locrian
b. The Major Modes
i. A Major Scale
ii. A Lydian
iii. A Mixolydian
G. Single-String Modal Studies
H. Threes on Fours: The Dickey Betts/Jeff Beck Scale Study
I. Minor Pentatonic: Scale Position and Studies

Chapter 3

Essential Soloing Tips From the Rock Guitar Greats
A. Joe Satriani
B. John Petrucci
C. Jeff Loomis
D. Jimmy Herring
E. Michael Angelo Batio
F. Paul Gilbert

For more info, check out the Guitar World Online Store.