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New Book/CD: Get an Inside Look at Joe Bonamassa's Guitar Style

An Inside Look at the Guitar Style of Joe Bonamassa is available now at the Guitar World Online Store.

The "Legendary Licks" series presents the music of a band or artist in a comprehensive play-along package. Each book contains note-for-note transcriptions and detailed performance notes on how to play a multitude of classic licks, fills, riffs and solos, complete with recorded demonstrations.

The CD also features slowed-down versions for the fast and tricky passages, plus info on Bonamassa's gear setup.

This package teaches 13 of Bonamassa's best:

  • The Ballad of John Henry
  • Blues Deluxe
  • Bridge to Better Days
  • Dirt in My Pocket
  • If Heartaches Were Nickels
  • Man of Many Words
  • Miss You, Hate You
  • My Mistake
  • Pain and Sorrow
  • Revenge of the 10 Gallon Hat
  • The River
  • So It's like That
  • So Many Roads, So Many Trains

The book/CD is available now at the Guitar World Online Store for $19.99.