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Readers Poll Results: The Top 10 Guitar Albums of 1999

Sleeper wins are a funny thing. Take, for instance, The Karate Kid, 1984's surprise smash of the summer.

Or who would have thought Rainn Wilson would outshine Steve Carrell and become The Office's breakout star?

And then there's this week's "guitar album of the year" poll winner. A highly respectable record with some dazzling guitar work and heaps of musical proficiency. Yet compared to some of the other albums that made the top 10 -- those with considerable sales receipts -- this week's No. 1 album didn't seem likely to win any popularity contests.

But one can never tell.

Check out the photo gallery below for this week's winners. And don't forget to check back this week for Guitar World Online's poll for the Best Guitar Album of 2000.

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