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Readers Poll Results: Top 10 Guitar Albums of 2001

It's a Cinderella story: A come-from-behind winner took the top honors in last week's Best Guitar Album poll (OK, actually, it was two weeks ago).

In what started as a duke-out between the definitive alternative metal quartet and a thrash metal titan -- who finished second and third, respectively -- the No. 1 spot for Best Guitar Album of 2001 was usurped by one of progressive metal's most underrated bands.

It is, however, a fitting victory as it was that band's last full-length studio recording in more than years. Perhaps it's a message: Fans are waiting, guys.

The runners-up were all worthy contenders and raked in a respectable number of votes, but your No. 1 pick was the clear-cut winner, with nearly double the votes of the No. 2 record.

Check out the photo gallery below to see all the albums that made the 2001 top 10.

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