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The Songwriting Sourcebook: How to Turn Chords Into Great Songs

Originally published in 2003, and now revised and updated, The Songwriting Sourcebook: How to Turn Chords into Great Songs is the third entry in Rikky Rooksby's bestselling How to Write Songs series.

This easy-to-use book will help you write better songs by explaining the art of writing effective chord sequences It shows:

• How three and four chords can lay the foundation for a simple song, and how to move on to progressions using five and six chords

• How to give your chord sequences additional color by adding chords that are not strictly in key, including blues chords

• How to write chord sequences for songs in minor keys as well as major keys, and how to take progressions into new territories by changing key

• How to fine-tune the color of your chords by understanding the emotional potential of sevenths, sixths and ninths

All examples come with easy-to-read guitar chord boxes, and the accompanying 20-track audio CD features original recordings that illustrate some of the points made in the book.

The Songwriting Sourcebookis available now at the Guitar World Online Store for $24.99.