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Video: Michael Angelo Batio Shows How to Incorporate Odd Meter Into Heavy Riffs

Here's a mini-lesson by shred-meister Michael Angelo Batio from his brand-new DVD, "Learn Shred Guitar Volume 2."

This lesson is called "Odds or Evens: Incorporating Odd Meter Into Heavy Riffs," and it features Batio demonstrating the main riff from his song "Hands Without Shadows" from his 2006 album of the same name. The riff is played in 15/8 time. First he plays it at regular speed, then he slows it down for the folks playing along at home.

The "Learn Shred Guitar Volume 2" DVD includes several more lessons from Batio, including:

Elegant Shred: A Classical-Style Etude for Rock Guitar
Four-In Territories: Getting the Most from Four-Note Groups
Sleight of Hand: My “Over-Under” Fretting Trick
Mode Swings: Applying Modes to Different Tonal Centers
Modal Citizen: Adapting Modal Shapes to Different Tonal Centers
Economic Crunch: Using Economy Picking to Play Arpeggios
Prime Numbers: More on Odd Meters, and How to Play “Hands Without Shadows”
Space Oddity: Soloing Over Odd Meters
Goin’ Nuclear: Applying Shred Techniques to the Blues
Rolling Hills: Flatpicking Arpeggios on “No Boundaries” (Part 1)

... and lots more. Click here for more info.

"Learn Shred Guitar Volume 2" is available for $14.95 at the Guitar World Online Store.