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AXL USA Introduces Bulldog Guitar with Lindy Fralin Dog-Ear P90

The Hayward, California-based AXL USA has introduced the Bulldog, a single-cutaway slab-body electric guitar guitar with a Lindy Fralin P-90 pickup. Its street price is $549.99.


"The AXL USA Bulldog packs a lot of punch into an unbelievably affordable high-end package. We've started with a solid mahogany slab body and one piece set neck, then outfitted it with top-shelf components like a Lindy Fralin dog-ear P90, TonePros Featherweight wraparound bridge, CTS pots, Orange Drop Capacitor and TonePros Kluson vintage-style tuners.

"At our workshop, each Bulldog is assembled with care and attention. Premium fret wire is pressed in, leveled and dressed for a buzz free and smooth playing experience in any register. Cloth covered wire connects all the electronic components, including high quality CTS pots, Orange Drop capacitor and a Switchcraft jack."

The guitar also features the "Bite Switch," a push-pull pot that bypasses the tone potentiometer to give a biting mainline sound, increasing the treble response for shimmer and snarl.

For more about AXL USA, visit their official website.