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AXOLOGY: BBE Brings Maximizer to Consumer Audio

BBE Sound revolutionized professional audio with its Sonic Maximizer technology, which restores the harmonic richness that is typically lost in the recording process. The company aims to do the same for consumer audio with its new VG360 Sonic Maximizer.

Utilising the same technology employed by Sonic Maximizers used in studios, the VG360 is designed to improve the audio quality from video game consoles, DVDs, CDs, MP3s and cable TV and satellite services. BBE claims the unit can improve sound effects, soundtracks, speech intelligibility and the sound of compressed audio without causing hearing fatigue or distorting the character of the source material.

Controls for the BBE VG360 include Lo Contour, Process and Function switches. The unit has a five-year warranty and has a street price of $99.99.