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AXOLOGY: Dean Issues Trivium Signature Models

In another Dean first, the MKH is loaded with a USA Dean MKH86 humbucker pickup in the bridge position. The MKH86 has ceramic magnets, white bobbins/covers and a 13.1K high-output design. The pickup is hand wound to Heafy’s specs in the Dean USA Custom Shop and provides noiseless thick, yet extremely articulate heavy tones. The neck pickup is a standard Dean.

The pickups are controlled by a single volume and three-way pickup selector switch. Unique to this model, the input jack is on the underside of the upper back wing preventing accidental cable pullout during high-energy runs. The bridge is a Floyd Rose tremolo with corresponding locking nut.

Corey Beaulieu Model (CBV)
Beaulieu’s model is based upon the classic V design and features a few custom cosmetic refinements. The classic red (CR) body is solid mahogany, and the tail of the ultra sharp V design has scalloped beveled cutouts adorned with classic pin striping. The Trivium circle logo is positioned between the pickups.

The neck is a 24 fret, 24 3/4–inch scale, 12-inch-radius neck, featuring a rosewood fingerboard, medium jumbo frets, Trivium “T” logo inlay at the 12th fret, pearl dot fret markers on the fingerboard. The set-neck design provides a smooth transition to the upper registers. The Dean V headstock mirrors the body with custom scallops and pin striping, and Grover black 14:1 tuners.

The bridge position is loaded with a Dean USA Custom Shop CD Ascension humbucker, with Alnico 5 magnet, black bobbins/covers, and a 15.7K high-output design. The pickup is handwound to Beaulieu’s specs in the Dean USA Custom Shop. It provides massively heavy tones with highly articulated clarity, perfect for high speed runs and pinch harmonics. The neck pickup is a standard Dean. They’re controlled by one master volume and one three-way pickup switch.

Both models will be available beginning June 2008 and will ship with deluxe Dean hardshell cases.