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Buzz Bin: Positive Grid JamUp Pro XT

Positive Grid may be a newcomer to the ever-expanding world of amp-and-effect emulation apps, but it has quickly established a reputation for designing some of the best-sounding apps for guitarists on the market today.

Its flagship product—the JamUp Pro XT app for Apple iOS devices—provides six amp models and 16 effects, which can be expanded up to 26 different amp models and 34 effects by purchasing optional expansion packs and individual models.

JamUp Pro XT also includes a built-in tuner, metronome, phrase sampler, 64 preset locations, tone-sharing platform, and an iTunes Jam player with possibly the best-sounding time-stretching and pitch-shifting capabilities available from a guitar app.

JamUp Pro XT works with Positive Grid’s JamUp Plug interface as well as any other iOS interface, including the Alesis iO Dock, Apogee JAM, IK iRig and Line 6 Mobile In. Setups consist of up to six effects and an amp, which can be arranged in any order using drag-and-drop gestures.

The amps and effects are dynamic and responsive, sounding virtually indistinguishable from the real thing and providing a very satisfying playing and recording experience. With JamUp Pro in your iPad or iPhone, you may never practice or record through an amp again.