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Chris Broderick Discusses His New Jackson Signature Hardtail Guitars

Act of Defiance guitarist Chris Broderick recently unveiled his new signature guitars by Jackson—a USA Signature Soloist HT6 and a USA Signature Soloist HT7.

In the video below, the former Megadeth axman discusses everything—including specs and beyond—that went into both models.

"The first thing that really intrigued me about Jackson was they were like the company that could," Broderick says. "When I was talking to them, I was, like, 'Is there any chance we could maybe do an asymmetrical body?' And they were, like, 'Yeah, sure.' 'What about stainless steel frets on my guitar?' 'Yeah, no problem.' 'What about the 12-inch continuous radius? I really want a continuous 12-inch radius.' 'Oh yeah, sure.' When you meet a company like that, that is so willing to experiment with you and really work on your design, something that is very personal to you, they can't be beat."

Best of all, during the clip, Broderick plays a series of licks in different styles. Head directly to 9:19 to watch him go from fingerstyle to classical to shred.

The HT6 and HT7 are available in Black, Trans Black, Trans Blue, Trans Red and Trans White.