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Colby Introduces Lil’ Darlin Recording Guitar Amp

In an effort to produce the definitive small tube amp for recording and home use, Colby introduces the “Lil’ Darlin”—a 5-watt combo with both great clean and OD sounds.

The hand wired Lil’ Darlin is based on a highly sought-after and ubiquitous 1950s three-tube, single 6V6, 8” speaker combo but takes it to a new level of tone and usability. By using classic build quality, high quality parts with strategic circuit modifications plus a high quality Weber Alnico magnet speaker, the Lil’ Darlin offers great clean sounds and great Class A overdrive at living room levels. The Lil’ Darlin has been carefully fine tuned so that it has many “sweets spots” while only using a single Volume control.

The Lil’ Darlin features 5F1 circuit with Colby mods, Class A, cathode biased 6V6, NOS Allen Bradley carbon comp resistors, Mallory signal caps, F&T and TAD filter caps, Sprague bypass caps, US built transformers, Weber Alnico magnet Blue Pup speaker and meticulous hand wiring. As with all Colby and Park amplifiers, the Lil’ Darlin is hand-built in NYC by Mitch Colby. The Lil’ Darlin is destined to become your favorite little amp.


• Power: 5 watts

• Tubes: 12AX7, 6V6GT and 5Y3GT

• Speaker: Weber 8” Blue Pup Alnico magnet speaker

• Available: July 2016

• Price: $1,200.

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