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Custom Willys Distortion Pedal by EJC Custom Pedals and Guitarworks —Demo Video

Below, check out a video demo for a new custom distortion pedal built by EJC Custom Pedals and Guitarworks.

The pedal, which was built for guitarist Ron Zabrocki (who writes the Session Guitar column for, resembles a vintage, Forties-era Willys automobile. (Learn more about Willys here.)

The pedal was hand wired with a three-way voicing switch that changes the characteristics of the distortion. The guitar used in the demo video is a Fender Lone Star Strat through a Fender Blues Jr. amp.

For more about EJC Custom Pedals and Guitarworks, visit or follow the company on Facebook.

Ron says he'll be writing a review of the pedal soon, so stick around!