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Gear Review: Donner Alchemy Modulation Effect Guitar Pedal with True Bypass

Alchemy is Donner’s latest offering for working guitarists. The handy guitar pedal features eight modulation effects packed into one box.

Yes, you’ve probably seen something like this before, but the Alchemy doubles its eight effects with Deluxe or Normal mode and boasts stereo inputs and outputs. At a mere $43, it costs less than a major U.S. city parking ticket.

What are those eight effects? Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Pan, Rotary, U-vibe and Vibrato.

There’s a three-way toggle switch labeled Deluxe, T. Lock and Normal. Normal offers a clean subtle version of each effect. Deluxe gets a bit funkier paying tribute to older analog effects with deeper delays and de-tuning variables.

T. Lock stands for Tone Lock, which stores and locks your tone setting. When engaged it turns off the knobs, preventing any change to your sound if you accidentally bump a knob. It will save the setting, even after the pedal is turned off. It's a great feature if you’ve dialed in a tone at home that you want to use later on a gig.

The pedal is powered either by a supplied 9-volt battery or an external Boss-style power supply. Switching is true bypass.

The clips below were recorded with a Gibson Les Paul Studio in stereo with a Fender Blues Jr. on the left and a Taurus Stomp Head 4 on the right.

Price: $42.99

You can't believe everything you read on the Internet, but Billy Voight is a gear reviewer, bassist and guitarist from Pennsylvania. He has Hartke bass amps and Walden acoustic guitars to thank for supplying some of the finest gear on his musical journey. Need Billy's help in creating noise for your next project? Drop him a line at

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