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Guitar Aficionado: The 1967 Gretsch Sam Goody Model

Guitar Aficionado has posted a piece on the rare Sam Goody model produced by Gretsch in 1967. An excerpt from the article follows:

"Gretsch guitars’ popularity soared in the Sixties after George Harrison was seen using several Gretsch models, like the Country Gentleman, Tennessean, and Duo-Jet. But success was fleeting. Players’ tastes changed, and the company struggled to develop new designs that appealed to guitarists. Gretsch introduced new models at a rapid pace during the Sixties, although many were just slight variations on already existing instruments.

From 1964 until 1967, just before the company’s ownership shifted from Fred Gretsch to the Baldwin Piano Company, Gretsch produced several limited runs of custom models for the Sam Ash, Sherman Clay, and Sam Goody retail stores as well as for Sal Febbraio, who operated the popular Febbraio School of Music in Mount Vernon, New York. Most of the models offered unique combinations of standard Gretsch features..."

You can read the full article on Guitar Aficionado's website at this location.