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Hamer Announces New Sunburst, Monaco "Special K" Guitars

Hamer Sunburst SFTF-CS-D

Hamer Sunburst SFTF-CS-D (Image credit: Hamer)

Hamer has announced two new guitars: a new version of its Sunburst model, and the LP Junior-style Monaco "Special K."

The Hamer Sunburst SFTF-CS-D (pictured above) was inspired by Hamer's late-Seventies models, and features a flamed maple veneer over mahogany body and a period-correct Sunburst finish.

The guitar also features a set neck, ebony fingerboard, Hamer humbuckers and a fixed bridge.

Hamer Monaco ‘Special K’ MONKJ-NT-D

Hamer Monaco ‘Special K’ MONKJ-NT-D (Image credit: Hamer)

The Hamer Monaco "Special K" MONKJ-NT-D is based on a custom-shop Hamer model from 2005, and features a lightweight korina body and neck, plus an ebony fretboard, two soapbar P-90 pickups and a wrap-around Wilkinson bridge.

Both models are available now for $874 each.

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