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Metropoulos Amplification Introduces New Supa-Boost

Metropoulos Amplification has introduced the Supa-Boost, a clean boost pedal that takes the boost circuit from the company’s MetroPlex amp, expands on the tube emulation and adds a “tweaked plexi tone stack” (treble, middle and bass).

According to Metropoulos, the Supa-Boost becomes like an extra gain stage in your amp, adding up to 20db of gain and frequency shaping to your signal before it hits the amp.

A custom-designed power supply converts a standard 9v tip negative (Boss style) power supply to high voltage to power the FETs. The pedal boasts true bypass operation and requires only 200mA.

The Supa-Boost is available for $229. 

For more information or to purchase, head to Metropoulos Amplification.