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ModTone Effects Introduces High Gainer Distortion Pedal

ModTone Effects has introduced a new pedal, the High Gainer distortion pedal.

From ModTone:

"The High Gainer is a feat of sonic engineering that packs an amazing punch of glorious overdriven tones that gain junkies will love. Go from a mellow laid back gain setting to the sound of tubes on the verge of catching fi re! In addition the High Gainer features a set of concentric EQ knobs that control both high and low frequencies independently. Add some sparkle on top or enjoy the almost sick level of low end you can achieve."

A dual concentric tone knob setup gives you classic distortion tones as well as over-the-top, mid-scooped metal bliss, while the separate level and gain controls allow you to customize your overall tonal experience.

The pedal, which lists for $109.95 (and sells for $89.95), features:

  • True Bypass.
  • Aircraft Quality Jacks & Switches.
  • Die-cast case.
  • Dual-concentric Tone controls, 1 Level and 1 Gain.
  • 9V battery included - external power capable.

For more about the pedal, visit ModTone's website.