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Mythos Pedals Unveils 'Ghostbusters'-Inspired Positron Collider Fuzz

Mythos Pedals has unveiled its new Positron Collider Fuzz, a limited-edition stompbox that the company says was “inspired by the paranormal catching equipment” from the 1984 film Ghostbusters.

The Positron is based around a modified “Ram’s Head” fuzz-style circuit, and offers a wide variety of tones for both guitar and bass via interactive treble and bass knobs that allow the user to fine-tune voicings.

Also included is a clipping switch that enables both silicon and LED clipping options, a “Total Protonic Reversal” tone stack lift switch, true bypass switching and dynamic “Active” and “Intensity” LEDs that respond to adjustments in playing.

The hand-assembled unit is being offered for $279

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