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Paul Reed Smith Discusses Controversy Over PRS John Mayer Silver Sky Guitar

So, what does Paul Reed Smith think about the controversy surrounding the recent release of the PRS Guitars John Mayer Silver Sky? He kinda likes it.

In the new video above, Guitar Interactive's Jonathan Graham grills the guitar maker on every facet of the new model (after discussing Scotch, of course). Smith breaks down the guitar's components and even demos the ax before the conversation turns to the overwhelming barrage of social media comments—both positive and negative—surrounding the release of the ax early last month.

"Look, 82 percent of the likes and dislikes were positive," Smith says in the clip. "Eighty-two percent of the comments have been the other way around. But it's starting to change. John [Mayer] put up a long, 45-minute video [see it below] explaining his thinking behind all this, and I think that helped. Almost all the reviews by people who've had their hands on [the guitar] have been very positive."

Other comments include:

"I don't like societies where you're not entitled to your opinion."

"The problem is everybody on the internet has got 25 years experience—even the 14-year-old in Waco, Texas."

"All this activity shows great interest in what's going on—and that part John loves and I love."

The duo start discussing the controversy right around the 10:18 mark in the clip. Enjoy!

For more information about the PRS Guitars John Mayer Silver Sky, head here. To see the Mayer video that Smith refers to, look no further than right here:

Damian Fanelli

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