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Paul Riario Demos Accel Audio FX22 Command Center

As many pedal board fanatics know, mounting a switcher to your board can come with its share of challenges. Maybe you’re having trouble finding space on your board—or figuring out a streamlined way to route your cables?

Luckily, Accel Audio has created a pedal board designed to solve these problems. In the clip below, Guitar World’s Paul Riario demos the FX22 Command Center.

Here’s some more from the company:

Accel Technologies has integrated the PCB assembly of our versatile and intuitive Accel FX8 Command Center switcher underneath the FX22 Command Center pedal board into one well thought out design that is light weight and easy to setup with clean and straightforward cable routing, using standard style L/R patch cables, not to mention several power supply mounting options. The FX22 Command Center also links to our XTA Series pedal board modules and accessories, allowing for future expansion.

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