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Peavey LaunchesRobert Randolph Signature PowerSlide Guitar

(Image credit: Peavey Electronics)

Peavey is proud to announce the Robert Randolph Signature PowerSlide guitar.

Incorporating all of the features of the original Peavey PowerSlide, the Randolph signature model includes an adjustable belly rest, allowing users to adjust the distance between the instrument and themselves, an added single-coil pickup and upgraded hardware.

The Peavey PowerSlide is a revolutionary approach to playing slide guitar. Not a traditional lap steel, not a resonator and not a conventional steel guitar, the ergonomically designed PowerSlide combines the best of all three in a unique instrument that can be played in multiple vertical and horizontal orientations, thanks to its four-point suspension and patented multipoint “Y” strap system. Designed to position the fingerboard to the left of the player’s body, the shape allows total access to the playing surface.

The Robert Randolph Signature PowerSlide is available in a metallic silver finish. Features include volume control, “sail” patterns to help easily identify octaves while playing and a unique magnet-loaded pickup with exclusive variable-coil mode control. The PowerSlide ships with Robert Randolph signature DR .013-.056 nickel wound strings, “Y” strap, padded bag and polished-finish steel slide.

"I’ve been wanting something with more versatility, mobility and comfort—something I could really get into while performing live," says Randolph, founder of Robert Randolph and the Family Band. "With four different pickup sounds and more sustain than any other lap steel ever made, the Peavey PowerSlide gives me everything I want.”

U.S. Retail: $499.99

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