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Rainger FX Announces New Reverb-X Pedal

(Image credit: Rainger FX)

Rainger FX has announced its new Reverb-X mini-pedal. Based on the FV-1 reverb chip, the mini-pedal is the digital reverb companion to the company's Echo-X mini delay pedal.

With up to 6 seconds of reverb, the Reverb-X features a post-reverb overdrive circuit and a noise gate to keep noise to a minimum, or to create dramatic gated effects. It also features an Igor dual sensitivity pressure pad—which controls the Rainger FX ‘send’ expression facility on the fly—top-mounted sockets, an Input knob and Overload LED for optimum performance.

The Reverb-X mini-pedal features graphics by NYC-based designer Rich DiMaio, and is available for a street price of $193.

To pick up the pedal for yourself, stop by