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Reader's Poll: Top 10 Guitar Albums Of 1998?

Debut albums always make for interesting entries on our reader's polls. Especially when they blow up with votes. Such is the case for your picks for the Best Guitar Album of 1998.

Liquid Tension Experiment -- John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy's prog/metal side project - released their self-titled debut in '98, as did Queens of the Stone Age, Josh Homme's post-Kyuss quintet. Both albums made the top ten.

And one cannot forget System of a Down -- also a self-titled debut. The Southern California metal outfit forged an eclectic new sound that combined unusual nu-metal tunings with offbeat rhythms and politically-charged lyricism.

It struck a chord with more than a few -- pun intended -- because SOAD performed well on this week's poll. How well? You'll just have to browse the gallery below to find out.

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