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REVPAD: How to Win a Guitar Battle

How do you win a guitar battle? By getting adventurous with your sound!

Whether you are a beginner, pro or weekend warrior, whether you play blues, metal or rock, this wireless FX processor will give you the variety of effects you have been craving.

The REVPAD will level up your sound, without degrading the original tone of your guitar.

This touchpad + base unit are super easy to set up and have the most intuitive interface; they will open up a whole new world of how you access and control sound with your own guitar.

If you choose to go the wireless route, you will no longer have to deal with cable clutter on stage…BUT if you love your existing pedal board, you will still want to check out how this touchpad can intuitively control your own favorite effects.

We want to energize your music and help you feel powerful on stage—the REVPAD will offer you just that.

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