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Rocktron Introduces ValveSonic Plexi Preamp

Rocktron has introduced its new ValveSonic Plexi preamp. Developed in conjunction with LA Custom, the preamp captures the vintage tones of the British “plexi” amplifiers—from the early stacked amps of the Sixties, to the arena sound of the Seventies, to the sound heard during the Eighties, “Sunset Strip” era—all in one rack space.

The ValveSonic's 1-2 switch allows players to quickly toggle between the modern type of input used on British style amps, and a fatter, classic type of input. The Bright control allows five different variations, and the gain and boost controls allow players to replicate the British amp tones of the Eighties and Nineties.

When the Afterburner switch is in use, the ValveSonic allows players to fine tune their exact tone.

The Rocktron ValveSonic Plexi is available now. For more info, head on over to