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Schuyler Dean Announces Jazzmaster Chromium Pickup

Schuyler Dean has announced its Jazzmaster Chromium pickup, which the company touts as “great for players looking for a humbucking option that preserves the ‘Fender sound’ of their Jazzmaster,”

Based on Seth Lover’s ‘70s-era Wide Range Humbuckers, the Jazzmaster Chromium employs high-output coils paired with adjustable magnetized poles, giving the humbuckers more chime and clarity than a standard PAF. The coils can also be split, offering a single-coil sound.

The Jazzmaster Chromium incorporates 43 AWG plain-enamel wire scatterwound onto each bobbin, bringing output to 12.7K ohms in the bridge and 10.9K ohms in the neck. The poles are also adjustable for string-to-string balance. There are also FeCrCo 5 adjustable poles and Alnico V solid poles. All pickups are hand-assembled in Nashville.

The Jazzmaster Chromium is available for $145. 

For more information or to purchase, head to Schuyler Dean Pickups.