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Sidewinder Straps Introduces First-Ever “Twist-Free” Guitar Strap

Sidewinder Straps has introduced what the company touts is the first twist-proof guitar strap.

According to Sidewinder, the key to the new product is a unique patented swivel that gives the straps a “twist-free, self-correcting characteristic.”

Sidewinder Straps are constructed of leather and durable textiles, and feature no metal in order to avoid damaging guitar finishes.

The strap width is two inches, with a fully adjustable length of 35 to 61 inches. The colors offered are black, brown and a variety of patterned weaves. Sidewinder also offers Strap Adaptors, which will link to an existing guitar strap, allowing it to stay tangle-free.

Sidewinder Guitar Straps are available starting at $42, with Strap Adaptors offered for $25. 

For more information or to purchase, head to Sidewinder Straps.