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TC Electronic Announces Mimiq Doubler Guitar Pedal

(Image credit: TC Electronic)

TC Electronic have announced the release of Mimiq Doubler, a device it bills as the world's first realistic guitar-doubling pedal.

From the company:

TC Electronic’s new Mimiq Doubler is the first guitar pedal ever to offer musicians authentic studio-grade doubling.

  • With its proprietary doubling algorithm, Mimiq Doubler perfectly recreates the random yet subtle changes in time, pitch and attack that occur when double-tracking in the studio. Finally letting musicians access those larger-than-life recorded tones live on stage through their pedal boards.
  • From bone-crushing quad-tracked riffs à la Metallica to sizzling triple-tracked lead lines à la Randy Rhodes and anywhere in between, it's all possible with Mimiq Doubler.

Mimiq Doubler can add up to three extra tracks for a world of high-quality doubling tones. And with stereo I/O thrown into the mix, musicians can go from subtle tone-fattening to head-spinningly huge sounds in no time at all.The Tightness control defines how tight the doubling is. From almost superhumanly tight tracking to a more loose and laid-back performance.

The pedal is available now at a cost of $129.99.

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