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TC Electronic Expands Flashback 2 x4 Delay with MASH Technology, New Presets

(Image credit: courtesy of TC Electronic)

TC Electronic has updated its popular Flashback 2 x4 Delay with a wealth of new and cool features. First up is the addition of three pressure-sensitive MASH footswitches, which allow the user to toggle instantly between delay sounds for real-time modification. Each footswitch holds a delay preset and the ability to control three parameters at once by varying foot pressure on the switch.

There’s also Crystal, Analog and Tape algorithms, six TonePrint slots and the ability to load six presets using the preset bank switch.

And like the original 2 x4, the new iteration comes decked out with a Subdivision knob with 11 tempo settings, dedicated tap tempo switch, analog-dry-through to maintain integrity of analog dry signal path when delay is on, 40-second looper and expression pedal and MIDI inputs, among other features.

For more information on the Flashback 2 x4 Delay, head to TC Electronic.