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Teye Guitars Announces New Gypsy Queen Electric Series

Teye has unveiled its new Gypsy Queen line of electric guitars. Gypsy Queen models feature distinctive and original body shapes that enhance resonance, plus aluminum body armor on baroque, Spanish cedar bodies and 25.5-inch-scale maple necks with 24 frets.

The Gypsy Queen will be available as a four-Strat-pickup guitar, a three-P90 axe and with three Lollar Gold Foils—all with HipShot tremolos or with Teye’s proprietary Super-Sustain bridge and tailpiece. Each guitar comes with its own Mojo circuitry and pickup switches.

Teye is offering the Gypsy Queen in a wider range of finishes than usual. Depending on finish options and pickup configurations, Gypsy Queens will be priced at around $3,850.

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Teye Gypsy Queen

Teye Gypsy Queen (Image credit: Teye)