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Vernon Reid, Alex Skolnick and Earl Slick Help Launch D'Addario NYXL Electric Guitar Strings — Video

Earlier this week, D’Addario introduced its NYXL electric guitar strings — what the company considers the next generation of strings.

To celebrate the occasion, D’Addario hosted a star-studded launch party May 1 at the Carle Place Guitar Center in Long Island, New York.

The event featured performances by Vernon Reid, Robben Ford, Oz Noy, Earl Slick, Alex Skolnick and Guthrie Trapp — and you can check out a video from the event below. Attendees got the chance to meet the artists, hear from Jim D’Addario, win prizes, re-string their guitars and more.

“There have been only two meaningful generations of round wound electric guitar strings,” D’Addario says. “The original formula, originating in the 1950s, used pure nickel, creating a characteristically mellow sound. In the early sixties, my father, John D’Addario Sr., introduced a brighter-sounding, second-generation nickel-plated steel string, which became the industry standard for the next five decades. Today, 80 percent of all electric guitar strings are based on his formula.”

From the company:

D’Addario NYXL electric guitar strings have been re-engineered from the ball end up. No string has ever offered this level of stability. Torture tests prove that NYXL strings stay in tune 131 percent better, so guitar players don’t waste time tuning and can start playing sooner.

Starting with the selection of new high-carbon steel alloys, D’Addario engineers completely re-imagined the wire drawing process and revolutionized the corrosion-resistant tin coating application. The result is unprecedented strength and pitch stability.

In addition, these strings have been designed to bend farther and sing louder. The reformulated nickel-plated steel alloy boosts amplitude, modernizing the overall tone without losing that well-loved nickel-plated steel feel. With 6 percent more magnetic permeability for higher output, NXYL electric guitar strings offer more punch, crunch, and bite.

“The name of these strings, NYXL, is also an important distinction for us; our family and company have a rich history in New York,” adds Mr. D’Addario. “Our new steel wire has been formulated, created, crafted, and perfected here in the Empire State. We are proud of our New York legacy, and even prouder that all of our strings originate at our Long Island home.”

For more information, visit And, of course, check out the three videos below!

Videos, from top to bottom:

• Video from the May 1 NYXL launch event featuring guitarists Vernon Reid, Robben Ford, Oz Noy, Earl Slick, Alex Skolnick and Guthrie Trapp.

• D’Addario's official product video about NYXL strings

• Jim D’Addario is interviewed on Bloomberg TV.

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