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Video: Rotosound Announces Reissue of its Classic Vintage Fuzz Pedal

Guitarists in 1960s cover bands, rejoice.

The UK-based Rotosound has brought back its Vintage fuzz pedal, which uses the same circuit configuration as the original '60s design, with the addition of modern resistors and capacitors.

The re-issue circuit, just like the original, uses a Darlington pair (or Darlington transistor) for high-gain input, which drives a temperature-compensated "fuzz" transistor. The fuzz control can then govern changes in the amount of drive, from a soft crunch to a gruff growl, while retaining its roundness.

The treble control then varies the ratio of bass to treble, allowing a good range, from muddy to crisp. The volume control alters the output level. To maintain cleanliness of sound, the pedal is switched on using dedicated contacts on the "instrument" input jack.

The pedal is encased in a pressed steel box, finished in a gloss silver hammer powder coating, again recalling the traditional Rotosound pedal. The pedal is manufactured in the UK at Rotosound’s factory in Sevenoaks, Kent, England.

The video below features Rotosound Chairman Jason How discussing the pedal -- and the company's other new offerings -- at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany, this past weekend.

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