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Watch Revocation’s Dave Davidson Play DiMarzio's New Imperium 6 and 7 Pickups

In this new video from DiMarzio, we check in with Dave Davidson and get an introduction to some pickups developed specifically for the Revocation guitarist—the Imperium 6 and Imperium 7.

Davidson’s guitar playing is difficult to categorize. Since his style spans the gamut, it has been suggested that he be described simply as a “metal” player without any additional modifiers.

Being a dynamic player, it was important for Davidson to have pickups that sound great dirty and clean. And since he plays six- and seven-string guitars with Revocation, DiMarzio developed pickups for both instruments. The resulting Imperium 6 and 7 offer full-bodied low end and crystal clear highs.

Hear Davidson’s tone on the latest Revocation release, Great is our Sin, which is available now. And be sure to check out Davidson's latest Guitar World lesson right here.

Watch the clip below to check out the pickups in action, and visit for more.