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Xotic Effects Introduces New Soul Driven Pedal

(Image credit: Xotic Effects)

Ready to add some "soul" to your playing? Xotic Effects has introduced its new Soul Driven pedal. From the company:

Soul Driven adds soul to your sound by producing creamy boost and overdrive tones with just the right amount of compression. The pedal is equipped with incredibly flexible tone-shaping options to help customize your sound while preserving your guitar’s tone.

The “Mid boost” knob pushes the mid-range frequencies creating rich dynamics and the “Tone” knob (not just your ordinary tone circuit) can be set from a super tight bottom end to “in your face” highs. Soul Driven will help you dial in the “sweet spot” every time.

Tighten up your tone even further by accessing the Bass Boost dipswitch which can be accessed by removing the backplate. Cut through the mix by adding up to +6dB @ 125Hz for fatter boost and overdrive tones.

Soul Driven Features:
¥ Blue LED
¥ Customized tone circuit
¥ Internal Bass Boost Dipswitch
¥ True Bypass Switching
¥ 9-Volt Battery Powered
¥ Compact chrome case.

MSRP: $210

For more details, watch the video below and head here.