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10 Gorgeous Non-Open-String Chords

(Image credit: Edwin van Buuringen/Flickr Creative Commons )

A few weeks back, David Walliman shared his top 10 favorite open-string chords that can be moved on the fretboard.

In this new video, he turns things around by presenting 10 gorgeous non-open-string chords.

“No open strings,” he says, “which means that there are going to be some barre chords. However, these are not your traditional, conventional barre chords.”

David adds that these chord voicings “sound beautiful and will inspire you to write new music and explore new harmonies. They include min11, min7, minb13, min9, Maj13sus2, Maj7 13, Maj7 and Maj9 chords.

“The best part is that you can move them around the neck and use them in any key.”

You can download the PDF for this lesson right here.

To see more of David’s tutorials, visit his YouTube channel.