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10 Ways to Start a Blues Guitar Solo

Here's another handy lesson video from Texas Blues Alley, the people who brought you How to Be a Jerk Guitarist in 10 Easy Steps, How and Why to Set the Action on a Strat for Blues and How to Play Stevie Ray Vaughan's Multi-String "Texas Flood" Bends.

This one, titled "10 Ways to Start a Blues Solo," offers you 10 paths to follow when it's your turn to solo at the weekly blues jam.

Anthony from TXBA, who plays a bit like Stevie Ray Vaughan (and therefore offers several tasty SRV-style licks), offers a host of great ideas, including the first one, which sounds like a lick Eric Clapton used to slip into his live performances of "Worried Life Blues" back in the day (not to mention his 1994 version of "Five Long Years"), and a few that are clearly inspired by the late Albert King.

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