Troy Grady Breaks Down Steve Vai's "Intimidation Lick" from 'Crossroads'

As any good follower knows, we often share the very highly detailed and entertaining lesson videos of a guitarist named Troy Grady.

Here are two recent examples:

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Yngwie Malmsteen Lesson: Cracking the Code, Season 2, Episode 2: "Inside the Volcano."

Well, in the video below, Grady tackles what he calls Steve Vai's "Intimidation Lick" from the guitar-duel scene in the 1986 feature Crossroads. As always, it's fascinating to watch Grady break down and explain the lick. Check out the video below, and you'll see what I mean.

As Grady points out in the comments below, you can find tablature for this lesson right here.

For more about Grady and his instructional videos, visit and Enjoy!