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Review: Dunlop CBM95 Cry Baby Mini Wah Pedal — Video


From airline seats to paychecks, it seems like everything is getting smaller these days…and not in a good way.

Even the folks at Dunlop have shrunk their legendary Cry Baby Wah Wah to half its size! But thankfully the company has bucked the less-for-more trend with the Dunlop Cry Baby Mini, and created a pedal that packs all the wacka-wacka-wacka wallop of its standard-sized counterpart in a more travel-friendly, compact housing.

The Mini Wah features a full sweep range, Fasel inductor, Hot Potz potentiometer, true bypass switching and for even more tonal versatility, three internally adjustable voicings (Low, Vintage and “Modern” GCB95). The Mini Wah is sturdy with heavy-duty jacks and switches and is powered by nine-volt battery or AC adapter.

Amazingly, Dunlop has managed to make this bite-sized wah sound robust without any compromise in tone or quality. The Fasel inductor is a large part of the Mini Wah’s vocal-like sweep and snarl. The voicing switch is effective for selecting the best type of wah tone depending upon the amp you use. The only hurdle is getting the sole and ball end of your foot used to the small-scale treadle. But once you do, you’ll be rewarded with classic quacky wah tone and a surprisingly wide dynamic range.

Street price: $99.99
Manufacturer: Jim Dunlop,