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Review: Jericho Guitars Avenger 7 Pro 26” — Video

The marketplace for solidbody electric guitars is very crowded, and most companies seem content to take a “me too” approach to extended range instruments.

Jericho Guitars wisely took a different approach by specializing in long-scale and extended range guitars that are more in tune with the wants and desires of modern guitarists, both figuratively and literally.

Jericho’s new Avenger 7 Pro 26”, which features a 26-inch scale, offers an “in between” option that bridges the gap between a 25.5-inch standard scale guitar and a 27-inch scale baritone to provide playing comfort similar to the former and the ideal string tension and more accurate intonation of the latter.


The overall size of the Jericho Avenger 7 Pro is slightly longer than that of a standard six-string, but that’s due to a combination of a bigger body and longer headstock in addition to the extra 1/2 to 1 1/4 inches of scale length. Jericho offers four different versions of the model: ash body/maple fretboard, natural or blue spalted maple top, and satin blacked out finish—the latter three featuring mahogany bodies and rosewood fingerboards with block inlays. We tested the satin black version.

Other features common to all Avenger 7 Pro models include a three-piece maple neck with “set-thru” construction, 24 frets, recessed TonePros locking tune-o-matic bridge, string-thru-body design, and Grover Rotomatic locking tuners. Electronics consist of direct-mounted Seymour Duncan JB7 (bridge) and ’59 Reissue (neck) humbuckers, a three-way blade pickup selector, master tone control, and master volume knob that does double duty as a push-pull coil tap switch.


Jericho determined that the 26-inch scale was the ideal length for a seven-string guitar with a 24-fret design. Playing the guitar, it’s immediately apparent that they made the right decision, as the intonation is dead-on when playing the lowest notes on the lowest strings and the highest notes on the highest strings—the most common problem areas for standard- and extended-scale guitars, respectively.

Even better, the guitar feels familiar and comfortable for players who are used to instruments with 25.5-inch scales, which can be attributed to both the 26-inch scale length and Jericho’s outstanding construction, the guitar’s overall streamlined feel, and its slim neck profile. The instrument sounds amazing too, with crisp attack and detailed articulation thanks to the responsive Seymour Duncan pickups. Jericho’s Avenger 7 Pro may offer players the ideal seven-string design.

MANUFACTURER Jericho Guitars,

• The 26-inch scale provides more accurate intonation for a seven-string guitar with 24 frets while also providing playing comfort for guitarists used to standard scale lengths.

• Direct-mounted Seymour Duncan JB7 (bridge) and ’59 Reissue (neck) humbuckers produce huge tones with crisp attack and detailed articulation.

THE BOTTOM LINE The Jericho Avenger 7 Pro’s 26-inch scale hits the “just right” sweet spot for a seven-string guitar with a 24-fret neck, providing the ideal balance of comfort, string tension, and intonation for players exploring extend