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AC/DC's Angus Young on Eddie Van Halen: "I’d Put Eddie in That Category of Being an Innovator Like Hendrix"

Van Halen News Desk have an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming hardcover photo book, simply titled Eddie Van Halen, by Neil Zlozower, in which AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young talks about King Edward in depth. You can check out an excerpt of their excerpt below.

"Eddie is an innovator. When I grew up we had a lot of guys from England who were great players, like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and Jeff Beck. And then, of course, when Jimi Hendrix came along, he changed the game. I’d put Eddie in that category of being an innovator like Hendrix. He changed the game for his style of playing. When Eddie came along he spawned so many imitators. Like Hendrix, suddenly you started to see people wanting to buy the same guitars he played and also play his licks. He turned the rule book upside down in terms of his approach. There was a lot of experimentation to his playing. Eddie also crosses into that avant-garde thing, which puts him in the same category as Hendrix."

You can read more here. You can pre-order the book at this location.