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Cover Feature: 

Total Guitar interviews four artists who are bringing fresh perspectives to the acoustic guitar:

Vance Joy displays a refreshing lack of reverence for his Martin, Maton and Gibson acoustic guitars. For him it’s all about songcraft. Tash Sultana’s recent Unplugged album sees them reimagining songs with part-acoustic/part-electric arrangements. Polyphia virtuoso Tim Henson is awe-inspiring as he breaks new ground on his new prototype Ibanez nylon-string. And, with a radical take on bluegrass, Billy Strings is making traditional American roots music relevant to a new generation. 

Plus! We’ve compiled our top tips for acoustic guitar gigging, and created an in-depth nine-page technique workout covering everything from fingerstyle and flatpicking to the ins and outs of modern percussive guitar. 


Geordie Greep

"The best stuff is when it's on the verge of collapse" – Creating magic out of chaos, Black Midi are at the cutting edge of modern rock music. So why is guitarist Geordie Greep hailing AC/DC as an influence?

Steven Wilson

"I love the idea of playing just one note and breaking someone's heart" – Porcupine Tree’s comeback album is a progressive rock masterclass, but leader Steven Wilson is no virtuoso on guitar. “Less,” he says, “is more...”

Charlie Griffiths

New Adventures In Prog: Haken guitarist and TG writer Charlie Griffiths talks about his extraordinary new solo album and profiles four of modern prog’s rising stars…

Learn To Play:

Jeff Buckley - Grace

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man

Passenger - Let Her Go

Lamb Of God - Nevermore


Sheeran By Lowden Equals Edition acoustic guitar

Blackstar St. James EL34 Combo and 6L6 Head

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Fender Dual Marine Layer Reverb


First Steps In Guitar: Doom metal riffs

Beyond The Periphery: Haken’s Charlie Griffiths dons his TG tutor’s hat to bring you his very own lesson on cutting edge prog guitar


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