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Ben Woods' Flamenco-Metal “Tarantula” — Presented by Guitar Salon International

Get ready for some flying fingers!

Here's Ben Woods playing his composition, "Tarantula," on a 2014 Ethan Deutsch flamenco negra with pegs recorded for Guitar Salon International.

A lovely guitar and some mad virtuosic flamenco-metal chops. What more could you ask for?

Woods is a true master flamenco guitarist and innovator. Best known for his unique and virtuosic flamenco-metal style, He plays many music and guitar festivals, clinics and concerts around the world. Woods’ acoustic arrangements of rock/metal/surf/flamenco material add an interesting spin.

Woods has had the honor of performing with some of the world’s best flamenco singers and dancers, including Rafael de Utrera of Paco de Lucia and Vicente Amigo group, Pastora Galvan from the Galvan family dynasty, Jose Anillo and more.

He’s also performed with many well-known stars of rock and metal music including Steve Steves of Billy Idol, Marty Friedman, Glen Drover of Testament and King Diamond, Sean Reinert of Cynic and Death, Marc Rizzo of Soulfly, Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde and more.

Woods has released a music book titled Metal Classics for Fingerstyle Guitar published by Hal Leonard, 14 albums on his own, two of which were licensed and sold in Costco Stores internationally.

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